5 Hilarious April Fools Pranks Dogs Have Played On Their People

So cute and so sneaky 😂

April Fools Day is the perfect time to have a little harmless fun with your family and friends. And though our pets can’t read the calendar, that doesn’t mean they can’t get in on the joke, too.

Cats are natural-born pranksters — knocking over water glasses and hiding where you least expect it. But dogs also have a knack for causing mischief. Our dogs know us better than anyone else, and can figure out exactly how to trick us to get what they want.

To get in the spirit, check out a few of the best April Fools pet pranks that clever animals have played on their unsuspecting owners:

Dog steals dad's dentures and wears them

Maggie may look like a sweet little dog, but this shih tzu-Chihuahua mix is a trickster at heart. One day, Maggie’s dad took out his dentures before a nap, and when he woke up, they were nowhere to be found. Not only had Maggie stolen them while he slept, but she hid them in the one place he’d never look: her mouth.

Dog melts whenever dad tried to take a photo
Kennedy Simmons

Kennedy Simmons is always trying to take the perfect selfie with his rescue dog, Sparky. Unfortunately, Sparky is not a fan of photo shoots and has figured out the perfect trick for ruining his dad’s pictures. Sparky will start by acting normally, then melts and goes limp to ruin the shot. “He just flops himself down — it’s almost like he’s throwing a tantrum,” Simmons told The Dodo. “He becomes limp, and every once in a while, he’ll side-eye me and give me the meanest look, like, ‘Are we done yet?’”

Dog fakes sick so parents will stay home
Kennady Longhurst

When Sullivan wants his parents to stay home from work and spend time with him, he knows what to do — fake sick. The clever pup figured out that by making a coughing sound, he could freak his parents out enough so that they’d pay extra attention to him. However, the plan backfired when Sullivan’s parents were so concerned they took him to visit the vet.

Photo of dog in the snow goes very wrong
Sadie Swicker

Some pranks are funniest when they happen by accident. A dog named Dewey didn’t necessarily mean to ruin his mom’s panoramic shot of the snowy countryside, but the resulting photo was pretty fantastic. “When I saw it, I had to do a double-take,” Sadie Swicker told The Dodo. “It literally looks like a Photoshopped two-legged, yellow snow animal — it was the most perfect panorama gone wrong.”

Dog pretends to be lost for pets
Alyson Aguerrebere

This rescue dog named Harper loves attention so much that she’ll do anything for pets — even trick people. For years, Harper has been running a scam in her Southern California neighborhood, pretending to be lost so people will stop and give her some love. To alert passersby, her owners even made a sign filling the neighborhood in on Harper’s scheme — but Harper is so cute, people still stop to say hi anyway.