Animal With Jar On Head Manages To Flag Down The Perfect Person To Help

He ran right to her.

The other day, a motorist named Joni was driving near her home in Sarasota County, Florida, when she noticed a white van heading down the road in front of her. From a distance, she could just make out the words emblazoned on the back.

“Animal Control.”

Courtesy photo

Joni was a bit confused at first as to why such a vehicle would be cruising through her neighborhood. But then it all became clear, though not quite how Joni might have guessed.

As the van passed by a wooded section just off the roadway, an animal hurried out onto the street towards it. It was a raccoon — his head was trapped in an empty jar.

It appeared to Joni as though the raccoon had just flagged down the perfect person to help him.

Joni suspects that someone called the officer out after spotting the raccoon earlier. But, remarkably, the raccoon seemed more than eager to receive the officer’s assistance — racing towards her for help rather than making her find him.

It was a happy ending made easy.

“I was just glad I had a dash cam, since it all happened so fast,” Joni told The Dodo. "I’m glad the officer was able to help [him] get free so quickly.”