Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Can’t Believe What Mom Just Did To His 13th Birthday Cake

His face 😂

Amanda Seyfried first met Finn on the set of “Big Love” through someone who was fostering him and she almost immediately fell in love. Ever since then, she’s been absolutely obsessed with him, saying in an interview, “I’m just so in love with him, I hate being away from him … I don’t remember my life before him.”

The actress’ life largely revolves around her love for Finn, so when he recently turned 13, she knew she had to go all out to celebrate her best friend.

In addition to a tribute post on her Instagram, where she posted lots of cute photos of her and Finn and of Finn being sweet and goofy in general, she also decided to celebrate Finn by getting him a gigantic, lifelike cake modeled after him.

The cake was certainly a sight to see. Finn couldn’t believe his eyes — especially when his mom finally cut into it.

As Seyfried cut a huge piece out of the cake, Finn watched, a little bewildered. He was probably wondering why his mom had just ruined a perfectly good statue of his adorable face. A valid question, indeed.

All in all, it seems like Finn had a fantastic birthday, thanks to Seyfried and her obsession with her furry best friend.

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