Adorably Tiny 'Forever Kitten' Isn't Actually A Kitten At All

“I think he doesn’t know that he’s different.”

More than a decade ago, TikTok user melinaavane’s parents adopted a kitten who’d been found and rescued by construction workers. They named him Francis, noting at the time just how tiny the adorable little cat was.

“He was as big as my fist then,” melinaavane wrote. “My parent’s [have taken] care of him since that day.”

As time went on, everyone expected Francis to grow into a happy adult cat. But his growth, oddly, seemed to just ... stop.


Francis’ family eventually came to learn why he was wasn’t growing bigger. Turns out, he’s actually a rare anomaly — a dwarf cat.

Now aged 13 years, Francis’ diminutive size gives the impression of him being a forever kitten.

“He’s not a special breed. He’s a regular cat with a genetic disorder,” melinaavane wrote. “That’s why he stopped growing. But otherwise, he is perfectly healthy. He’s just small.”

The cat’s body may be small, but his personality is not.

“My parents have many rescued animals at home, but Francis is the boss. And he knows that,” melinaavane told The Dodo. “He doesn’t show any fear of the big dogs and loves to cuddle with them.”

Being a senior cat, Francis has slowed down a bit these days, but he still enjoys life to the fullest.

“He is the most chill cat I know,” melinaavane said. “He just wants to eat, sleep and cuddle.”

Best of all, Francis suffers no ill effects from his short, kitten-like stature. It’s just one of many unique characteristics that make him so lovable.

“Thankfully, he’s super healthy,” melinaavane said. “I think he doesn’t know that he’s different.”