Adorable Stray Puppy Was Born With A Permanent Squint

That face 😍

When a vet in Antigua found a little puppy in a cardboard box on his doorstep, he could immediately tell she was special. The tiny puppy's permanent squint and wrinkled forehead warmed his heart.

The vet got in touch with the local rescue Dogs and Cats of Antigua, who picked up the little stray and named her Faith. She was malnourished and missing her eyes, but they knew they could give her a second chance at a happy life. 

Puppy with permanent squint
Animal Haven

“Normally, a special needs dog like Faith would be immediately put down in the islands. There are few adopters and no money for care,” Kate Venezia, Faith’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “Dogs and Cats of Antigua fostered her, paid her vet bills and even convinced the government to let her fly out early so she could get proper medical attention in the U.S.”

Kate Venezia

When Faith arrived at Venezia’s home, her foster mom was shocked by how determined she was.

“She was surprisingly good at navigating the house," Venezia said. "She was pretty fearless, but definitely found her way around by sniffing and bumping into things.”

"Nothing fazes her," she added. "If she hits something, she just jumps right back up and keeps going.”

Blind puppy with adorable squint
Kate Venezia

Faith used her ears and nose to navigate Venezia’s home, and always found her way to her favorite spot — right on top of her foster mom's feet. “She adores people and wanted to be with me all the time,” Venezia said. “She can sense if I'm near. She will stick her nose up in the air and sniff around to try to find me. Inside, she will run to someone if she can hear them make a sound in the other room.”

Animal Haven

After a full medical evaluation at the NYC-based rescue Animal Haven, Faith was deemed ready to find her forever home. And as soon as the rescue posted her adorable photos on Facebook, applications came flooding in.

Faith has traveled so far to find safety, but now there's no doubt that the special little puppy will find someone who will stand by her side no matter what.

To help other special needs puppies like Faith find the homes they deserve, you can make a donation to Dogs and Cats of Antigua and Animal Haven.