Adorable Fire Station Puppy Refuses To Let Firefighters Work Out Without Him

The cutest personal trainer 😍

World, meet Marshall — an adorable Dalmatian puppy and the newest member of Ohio's Seville-Guilford Fire Department.

Sure, he might still be small. But Marshall's already proving to his firefighter colleagues that he has their backs.

Marshall's being trained to become a certified therapy K-9 who'll specialize in fire prevention training. He lives full-time at the station, keeping his coworkers company during their long shifts on duty.

However, he's more than just a cute companion.

The fire station pup seems to understand that staying in shape is an important part of a firefighter's job. And he's eager to assist them when they hit the gym to work out.

As you'll see, Marshall's the best personal trainer:

"Sunday night crew working hard to stay in shape! Marshall is helping too! Strong work guys!" the fire department wrote.

The community served by the Seville-Guilford Fire Department can rest easy knowing that Marshall's keeping first responders in tip-top shape.

Nobody slacks when this pup's on the job.