Adorable Dog Plays Dead So She Doesn't Have To Leave The Park


One day, while spending a pleasant afternoon in a park in Amsterdam, Max Lukas spotted someone else who was enjoying the place even more.

It was a dog — and she was none too eager for a change of scene.

Max Lukas

Lukas was sitting with some friends when they noticed an older woman a short ways away appearing somewhat frustrated. And for good reason. Turns out, she was in the midst of an adorable little standoff with a smaller, uncooperative companion.

"I thought she was struggling with a toddler at first," Lukas told The Dodo. "But it turned out to be a large dog who was refusing to walk."

The dog's owner had apparently decided it was time to head home from the park — so, the pup got creative in order to prevent that.

She played dead.

"It went on for about 15 minutes," Lukas said.

After a while, the woman had no choice but to give in to her companion's demands for more time at the park. The clever pup's plan had worked — and before long, she sprang back to life.

Lukas was thoroughly impressed.

"The dog eventually ran away when she unclipped his lead, which was really funny," he said, adding about the pup's performance: "I filmed it because I thought it was something that nobody would believe me if I told them about it."