Adorable Baby Rhino Wants People To Know How Big And Tough And Scary He Is

All those perfect little hops ❤️ 😂

Recently, while on a guided sightseeing tour of a South Africa wildlife preserve, Darren Sheer and his family suddenly found themselves face to face with an adorably fearless local.

It was a baby rhino — but what the little guy lacked in size, he more than made up for in bravado.

Darren Sheer

It all began when the vehicle the Sheers were riding in happened upon a mother rhino and her kid in the road ahead of them. While the onlookers were more than happy to appreciate those majestic animals from afar, the little rhino had other plans.

Bravely breaking away from his mom, the pint-sized youngster decided to charge at the people. He did it again and again — proving just how scary and tough he really is.

The effect it had on the Sheers was a little different: “This was so heartwarming,” Darren told The Dodo.

Here’s video of that bold baby in action:

Despite the baby’s tough-guy posturing, his mom never once seemed to be too concerned. She, no doubt, has seen him pull this stunt before. But for the Sheers, it was something truly remarkable to witness.

“I was with my family, and the rhino baby was with his family,” Darren said. "It reminded us to remember the special moments in our own family. They're just special moments that you won’t forget.”