Woman Rescues Siblings Separately, Then Quickly Notices That They Need Each Other

“They couldn’t get to each other fast enough” ❤️️

It’s easier to get through a tough time when you have someone you love to lean on for support. For two rescue pups named Pasta and Pepsi, this couldn’t be more true. After being left outside in a neighborhood that wasn’t their own, the two dogs physically relied on each other for warmth and comfort.

“The neighbors told me that they would literally lay on top of each other at night to sleep,” Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, told The Dodo.

two dogs laying on a sidewalk
Suzette Hall

Hall received a message about the two pups five days after they were first seen in the neighborhood. According to residents in the area, the dogs stayed in the same place the whole time — they waited, huddled together on the street corner where they were presumably dumped.

“I decided, ‘OK, I’m just gonna go, but there’s no way these dogs are still there,’” Hall said. “[But] I pulled up and there they were, waiting.”

a white dog and a black dog standing on a sidewalk
Suzette Hall

As soon as she located them, Hall noticed that both dogs were very matted and skittish. Although she was able to trap one of the dogs quickly, the second dog took much longer.

a black dog in a cage
Suzette Hall

“I’ll stay all night if I have to,” Hall said, “and I’ll never leave one behind if there’s two.”

To coax the second pup into her trap, Hall placed the first dog in a crate, then set the crate right behind the humane trap. This did the trick, and two hours after the first pup was rescued, Hall had also successfully caught the second one.

a white dog in a cage
Suzette Hall

But, when Hall began driving home with the two dogs in separate crates, she quickly noticed that the dogs were distressed by being apart.

“They were trying to get to each other,” Hall said. “I could just tell that they needed each other.”

So, Hall pulled over, got each of the dogs out of their respective crates and placed them on the front seat of the car together. As soon as the pair were reunited, Pasta and Pepsi curled up on top of each other, just like the neighbors reported they had done while waiting for their owners on the corner.

a white dog and a black dog cuddling
Suzette Hall

“You can’t even imagine the wagging of the tails when I was getting them out,” Hall said. “They couldn’t get to each other fast enough.”

Because of their close bond, Pasta and Pepsi have not been separated throughout the recovery process. They are currently at the vet together receiving treatment for their illnesses and, once they’ve recovered, they will be going into foster care together.

After foster care, the two will be adopted into one home as a package deal, where they can continue cuddling, but this time surrounded by the love they deserve.

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