6-Pound Kitten Somehow Causes More Destruction Than Anyone Thought Was Possible

“It was like a perfect disaster sandwich" 😂😱🐱

Taylor Nelson was in a Zoom meeting when she heard someone charging all around her apartment. Her cat, Spike, was sleeping peacefully in his bed near her desk, so she knew it had to be her little kitten, Faye, who was causing all the commotion.

“[I] remember thinking during the meeting, 'Wow, she’s really having fun right now,’ because she was in the midst of an intense zoomie session,” Taylor Nelson, Faye’s mom, told The Dodo (Nelson is also an associate video editor/producer at The Dodo). “She’s pretty much always zooming around, but this time she was full-on sprinting up and down the hallway, and would kangaroo-kick off the walls in order to keep up her momentum when running.”

Nelson was trying her best to focus on her meeting — when suddenly, she heard a huge crash coming from her bedroom down the hall.

cat siblings
Taylor Nelson

“Both my cat and I looked behind us, like, ‘Oh, God, what did she do?’ and [I] left the meeting,” Nelson said.

Nelson figured Faye had knocked some plants off the windowsill, something she and her brother both do a lot, so much so that Nelson has taken to keeping extra terra-cotta pots in the basement just in case. When she walked into the bedroom, though, she was shocked. It was so much more than just a few plants.

“She did, in fact, knock over a couple of plants like I assumed, but she also somehow knocked over a 30-inch TV and a humidifier along with the plants,” Nelson said. “It was like a perfect disaster sandwich, with the plants broken on the bottom, the TV face down on top of the plants and then the humidifier spilled over. This was also all on my rug, so the water from the humidifier made a nice muddy mess under the plants and TV.”

cat destroys everything
Taylor Nelson

Within seconds, the bedroom had gone from peacefully put together to total disaster zone — and it was all thanks to the tiniest little offender.

“When I walked into the bedroom and saw the chaos, I wouldn’t have believed it was caused by this little 6-pound kitten if it wasn’t for her staring me down from under the bed right beside the mess,” Nelson said.

Nelson set about cleaning up the mess and crossed her fingers that the TV had only sustained minor injuries. Unfortunately, there was no such luck. It was 100 percent broken. She managed to save the plants, though, using the extra terra-cotta pots she keeps on hand. As she assessed the damage, Faye milled around nearby, pretending she had absolutely no idea who was responsible for all this chaos.

cat destroys everything
Taylor Nelson

“She definitely knew she was guilty, but was trying to act like she had no idea what was going on and just found out about the mess when I did, because she only showed her face after I started cleaning up, and was slinking around sniffing everything with her ears back,” Nelson said.

As Nelson looked around, she was able to piece together what probably happened. While Faye was doing her zoomie laps, instead of kangaroo-kicking off the wall like she usually does, she likely jumped onto the bed, kicked off of the nearby TV, and boom — destruction. It was a lot to process, but really all Nelson could do was laugh at how such a tiny cat had caused such a huge mess.

guilty cat
Taylor Nelson

“I couldn’t even be mad at her because the whole scene was so funny, and honestly it was my fault I didn’t have everything secured, knowing how she is,” Nelson said. “My boyfriend and I are actually going to nail the TV down like in a cheap motel, and I’m planning on getting a couple of baby cams so I can finally witness all of her craziness on video because she’s just one of the goofiest, weirdest cats I’ve ever met.”

Even with the TV nailed down, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Faye will still be able to cause some chaos, and hopefully the future baby monitors will be able to capture it all.