5 Fun Ways To Get Your Pup (And You!) Out Of The House This Fall


There’s no getting around it: We’re all probably going to still be spending lots of time at home this fall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a ball with your dog and play away some of that pent-up energy! There are plenty of ways to safely get outside with your best bud for some festive fall adventures — keep reading for five of our favorite activities. 

Head out on a hike or nature walk

Ah, the great outdoors! There’s nothing like a crisp morning romp along your favorite trail with your pup by your side. Use some of your free time to explore new routes and paths (a site like AllTrails lets you filter by dog-friendly hiking paths) and try out different levels of difficulty depending on both you and your dog’s stamina. Make sure to always pack enough water so you can both stay hydrated and happy as you hike — here’s a handy guide for what else to bring on a trek with your pup.

Search for fall leaves

Let the hunt begin! For optimal foliage piles perfect for jumping into, that is. This could take you anywhere from a neighborhood park to a far-off field or even just outside to your own backyard. Rake the leaves into as big a heap as possible and let your dog go wild. You could even hide their favorite plush toy or ball in there to encourage them to hop in. Here, BarkBox has you covered with their fall-themed subscription box full of fun toys to get your pup in an autumn state of mind, like their Peek-a-Poo Leaves toy, Puppy Spice Latte toy or our personal favorite, the Sticky Paws Syrup toy with a hidden pancake stack inside (!!). 


Go on a camping trip

Depending on where you live, fall might be the perfect time to pitch a tent and cuddle up with your pup under the stars. Pet-friendly campgrounds exist across the U.S., and once you’ve chosen your spot, the two of you are in for a weekend of exploring outdoor terrain, telling ghost stories, and of course, roasting marshmallows. To keep your dog occupied while you’re sitting around the fire, it’s a great idea to bring their favorite thing to chew along with you. For a fresh supply of durable dog stuff, subscribe to Super Chewer — the fall box includes some cheeky, campground-friendly toys like the Gnashing Pumpkin chew toy, the Hardy Honeycomb (perfect for loading up with peanut butter) and the treat-dispensing Acornucopia to keep your pup entertained while you’re making s’mores. 

Take a trip to a beach or lake

If your dog is an avid swimmer, early fall can be the perfect time to take them out to the nearest body of water and let them paddle away (as long as the weather is warm enough). There won’t be crowds of beach-goers like there are during the summer months, and there’s just something about bundling up and putting your toes/paws in the cool sand. Before you let them wade in, make sure the water isn’t going to be dangerously cold — a good rule of thumb is to make sure the water temperature plus the air temperature equals at least 100℉. Bring along your dog’s most cherished (floating!) fetch toy — like the bacon-scented Fall Fetch Stick toy from September’s Super Chewer box — so you can make the most of your day by the water.

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To make sure you and your pup are having the most fun possible during your outdoor adventures, it’s essential that you bring the right gear along with you. When you subscribe to BarkBox or Super Chewer, you’ll get a monthly box full of themed toys, treats and chews your dog will appreciate both when out on the open road and when lounging on the couch. Plus, Dodo readers get an exclusive offer — a free extra toy in every box — when you sign up for a 6-month plan with Super Chewer or BarkBox. Score. 

Go on a road trip

Does your dog love to hang their head out the car window, ears and tongue flapping in the wind with abandon? Then strap ’em in and head out on the open road together! This could be a day trip to your favorite far-away park or even just a ride around town to break up all that time spent in the house. No matter where you end up, going on an adventure with your best friend is always the right move.