100-Year-Old Grandpa Forms The Sweetest Friendship With A Tiny Kitten

"The kitten has given him another 100 years of life" ❤️

For Maria Suarez’s grandfather, Manuel, the 100th year of his life turned out to be the perfect time to form a new friendship.

And now, a century after he was born, Manuel is like a kid again.

Maria Suarez

Manuel lives in Spain with Suarez and the rest of their family. Recently, the family decided to plan a surprise for the beloved grandpa.

They adopted a kitten who needed a home and named her Bloom.

Manuel had no idea.

Maria Suarez

"My grandfather did not know anything about this," Suarez told The Dodo. "When he saw her enter my house for the first time, his eyes lit up with emotion. He has always been a great lover of animals."

It was a match made in heaven.

Maria Suarez

The joy and love from that first meeting between Manuel and Bloom has yet to fade. In fact, it's only grown stronger.

"My grandfather is 100 years old, and the kitten has given him another 100 years of life," Suarez said. "He is always attentive to Bloom. They spend all day playing, and even take naps together."

Seeing them makes Suarez so happy that she's taken to documenting Manuel and Bloom's time together. Here's a video she made of some of those highlights:

Turns out, Suarez isn't the only who thinks that her grandpa's love for Bloom is worth sharing. The video she posted online of them together has since gone viral.

"It has been incredible, all the love and affection that the video has received," Suarez said. "I did not expect it to go so far."

Suarez tried telling Manuel that he and Bloom have become internet famous, but he didn't give it a second thought. After all, he and his kitten have more important things to do.

Maria Suarez

At age 100, Manuel has found his soulmate in Bloom. But in the forming of an adorable new friendship, those who love Manuel most have gotten something too.

"It has been a gift to see my grandfather so happy with his new pet," Suarez said. "From minute one, they've had a special connection."