BREAKING: Horses Are Struggling To Stay Afloat In Extreme Floods

Update (4/18/16), 4:28 PM EST: Local news outlet KTRK reports that more than 70 horses have been rescued, adding that officials from Houston's Office of Emergency Management report that no horses have died.

As historic rainfall and flooding overwhelm Houston, Texas, rescuers are diving into high waters to assist not only people, but animals in need as well.

After reports circulated of horses being stranded in floodwaters at the Cypress Trails Equestrian Center, the Northeast Fire Department and Harris County Sheriff's Department are working together to save as many horses as possible.

It appears the horses may have been abandoned at their stables, based on eyewitness accounts that have been shared on Facebook.

Many of them have been spotted struggling to stay afloat while being tied up, with no other means of escape. At this time, it is unknown how many horses have been rescued or lost to the flood.

This is a developing story. Check back here for updates.