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24 Of The Cutest Baby Gorillas You’ve Ever Seen

<p> <a href="http://www.rdb.rw/kwitizina/" target="_blank">Kwita Izina</a> / <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/kwitaizina/sets/72157657633677598" target="_blank">Flickr</a><span></span></p>

Mountain gorillas are a critically endangered species, with only about 880 individuals left in the world. One of the places these gorillas live is in the Virunga Mountains in East Africa, along the border of Northern Rwanda. Over the last year in Rwanda, at least 24 new baby mountain gorillas were born. To honor these amazing creatures, Rwanda had it's 11th Annual Kwita Izina ceremony. Now get ready for some cute overload, because here are some of the adorable baby gorillas (and their moms!) who were celebrated.

1. Gorilla Gutungura and her baby, Gasizi

2. Gorilla Bukima's baby girl, Umugwaneza

3. Gorilla Afrika and her baby girl

4. Gorilla Umutekano and her baby

5. Gorilla Umulinzi's baby boy

6. Gorilla Umurimo's baby boy

7. Gorilla Umucyo's baby boy

8. Gorilla Ubuntu's baby boy

9. Gorilla Ubufatanye's baby girl

10. Gorilla Tuyishime's baby boy

11. Gorilla Turibamwe's baby girl

12. Gorilla Rwandarushya's baby girl

13. Gorilla Ruvumu's baby boy

14. Gorilla Muhabura's baby girl

15. Gorilla Mbilimbili's baby girl

16. Gorilla Mbere's little girl

17. Gorilla Mahane's baby girl

18. Gorilla Kubaha's baby boy

19. Gorilla Kabatwa's baby girl

20. Gorilla Isura's baby girl

21. Gorilla Ishyaka's baby boy

22. Gorilla Inyenyeri's baby girl, Ububasha

23. Gorilla Impuwhe's baby girl, Twongere

24. Gorilla Ikirezi's baby girl