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12 'Unlovable' Animals You'll Never Look At The Same Again

For some of us, certain animals just make our skin crawl. So why not try a little exposure therapy? Here are 12 photos of animals you might not like - but who have just as much charm and personality as anyone.

This rat who just wants to play.

This baby spider who's just figuring out the big wide world.

This tiny little baby snake with an even tinier tongue.

This mouse who wants to take a nap in your hand.

These pigeons who are clearly in love.

This centipede who has a lot of personality up close.

This little slug who just wants to smell the pretty flower.

This big-eyed shark who would never ever hurt you.

This other mouse who has the tiniest paws that ever existed.

This eel who's so happy you're home.

And finally this bat, who might just be perfect.