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Little Koala Has Just Learned How Unfair Life Can Be

Life can be tough - especially if you're a koala during mating season.

In a recent video, a small koala can be seen struggling to climb up a tree while a larger koala tries to stop him or her. Every time the smaller koala gains some footing, the larger koala begins a scuffle, clawing and biting the little one and knocking him or her off the tree.

YouTube/Alicia Alexander

YouTube/Alicia Alexander

And so the little koala does what any of us would do after a tumble: sits down and cries. As the camera zooms in, the slighted koala stares into the lens and waves his or her little arms, bellowing loudly after the undignified fall.

YouTube/Alicia Alexander

YouTube/Alicia Alexander

The koala only stops crying when the woman taking the video, Alicia Alexander, begins to talk reassuringly. "Poor little thing was kicked out of the tree!" she says. "You can come to our tree. There's plenty of trees!"

It's unclear if the smaller koala is a male defending his territory or a female rejecting a suitor, but in either case the cries are a sad sound to hear. Yet video poster Alexander wrote that they're a normal part of koala mating season.

"Mating and territory fighting is a regular occurrence during this time of season, and their sounds are terrifying!" she said. "I felt so sorry for this poor bubba, it was heartbreaking to watch and so hard to not to go comfort it, I try not to interfere where possible."

Fortunately, this particular koala got a happy ending: Alexander reports that the little koala eventually won, and had safely ensconced him- or herself in the tree by nightfall.

Be sure to watch the video above to hear the sad cries - they're guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever heard. For more strange koala noises, click here.