21 Cats Who Want To Cuddle Their Dogs And Won't Take No For An Answer

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1. "You will snuggle with us and you will enjoy it."


2. "Gimme your face so I can hug it."


3. "I LOVE my puppy."


4. "Good doggie. You're mine now."


5. "You can leave us alone. We'll be here for a while."


6. "He can't resist my mighty cuddles!"


7. "It's called a massage AND HE LIKES IT."


8. "I will hold you now, Dog."


9. "Mmm, thank you for getting me a pet, Human."


10. "We match so perfectly."


11. "There's nothing better than a nap with my puppy."


12. "Just ... trying ... to get comfortable."


13. "Let me squeeze you!"


14. "I can tell by the way you're looking out the window that you love me too!"


15. "Dogs make the best pillows."


16. "I like being surrounded by dog."


17. "Mmm, paws."


18. "I'm going to wake him up so we can spoon."


19. "He's not leaving this bed."


20. "Isn't it nice that we're the same size?"


21. "He likes it. Can't you tell he likes it?"