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Cubs Win: Four Little Lions Take The Leap Across A Stream

In order to become a majestic full-grown lion, every big-cat-to-be must first pass through those cutely clumsy cubhood years - a stage in which even the slightest of streams can seem insurmountable. But when faced with that very challenge, these four little lion cubs, caught on film in Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, rose to the occasion to keep up with mom.

Lionesses are among the best mothers in the Animal Kingdom, doting upon their litters with great patience and care. Though there are some hurdles in life lion moms know they must handle on their own.

Still, she'll show the way.(YouTube/Kicheche Camps)

She might make it look a little too easy.

(YouTube/Kicheche Camps)

Seeing that these little lion cubs grow up strong and healthy isn't just their mother's concern, however. More than 200,000 lions are believed to have roamed the plains of Africa just a century ago; today, after decades of being hunted and losing out habitat to humans, they number as few as 40,000.

Fortunately for this lion family, and for the many other lions living on Masai Mara, they are closely guarded from outside threats, helping to ensure the species' long term survival.

Check out the entire lion-leaping video below (and be sure to turn up the volume to hear their excited little squeals!):

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