Stranded Orca Cries As Rescuers Try To Save Her

Helplessly caught in a pile of rocks, a little orca started to cry for help.

Just off the coast of Canada, a man spotted the desperate orca on Wednesday and knew he had to do something. He called for help and soon a group of Guardians from Hartley Bay, British Columbia, joined people from For Whales to voyage out and help the orca, who had been trapped for hours, according to a Facebook post.

After putting together a water pump to help keep the whale alive, the people grabbed sheets and gently approached the ailing orca.

"[O]n some level this transient orca understood that we were trying to help," the post said, and during the process of keeping the whale alive until the tide came up, "she cried often, which tore at our hearts."

Finally, after over six hours of being stuck on the rocks, the lucky orca was finally free.

"Today was one of very high emotions," the post said. "A giant thank you once again to this amazing community that comes together so quickly to protect what is sacred."