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Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide To Survive Black Friday

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As Black Friday returns once again this year, many shoppers across the country will be on the hunt for the best prices. But there's a way to support animals while saving - by buying humanely produced products and supporting companies that don't allow animal cruelty in their production.

Here are The Dodo's must-have picks for the best cruelty-free items to add to your gift list.

1. Forks Over Knives cookbook

(Forks Over Knives)

This book makes it incredibly easy to live a pro-animal lifestyle. The delicious recipes consist of whole-food, plant-based ingredients with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. They minimize or exclude meat, dairy and eggs, and the book offers tips for creating a balanced vegan diet.

2. Adopt a farm animal

(Farm Sanctuary)

Adopting a pig, cow or turkey doesn't always have to involve cleaning up after them. Over at Farm Sanctuary, rescued animals are sorely in need of help to cover veterinary, food and shelter costs. By adopting one of these animals, you can save him from a life of cruelty - and you can even pay him a visit at one of their sanctuaries.

3. Lush Rudolph bath bombs gift basket(Lush)

With the hectic holidays approaching fast, this basket - with fabric made of two recycled plastic bottles - is the perfect way to de-stress. It includes a selection of limited edition holiday fizzers for a calming bath. All Lush items are cruelty-free, and the company is even an advocate against using animals to test cosmetic products. Other favorites from Lush: Flying Fox shower gel and Butterbear bath bomb.

4. Elephant Toms


Not only are they made without any animal products, but a pair of TOMS animal initiative elephant shoes goes one step further: the proceeds go to efforts by the Clinton Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Society to stop the poaching of elephants for their ivory.

5. Animal of the Month Club

It's the gift that keeps on giving: Defenders of Wildlife offers a year-long subscription to 12 different "animal adoptions." The recipient receives a different plush animal every month along with a photo of the animal, a fact sheet and a kids' activity book. Proceeds go toward the organization's efforts to save wildlife.

6. Vegan cooking lessons

(PortofSanDiego/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

7. Alima makeup set

For more cruelty-free items, see this huge database of cosmetics that don't use animal testing and this vegan general store for everything else.