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Woman Posts Hilarious Crime Scene Photos Of Her Dogs To Figure Out Who's Guilty

When a woman woke up one day to find feathers littering her hallway, she decided to investigate - and take crime scene photos along the way.

The first suspect was Fenway, but he had a pretty strong alibi: He's a very good boy.

The woman continued to follow the trail of feathers through the kitchen ...

... and came across suspect number two, Brittany. Brittany also had an alibi though: She's 13 years old, and thus pretty over the whole mischief thing.

The trail continued, and finally led into the living room ...

... where the third suspect, Jackson, sat with the clear victim of the whole ordeal: a pillow. Jackson didn't have an alibi, because let's face it, the evidence was overwhelming.

Jackson's mug shot was then taken, and the case was closed. Don't worry Jackson, I'm sure you won't be in trouble for long - after all, who could resist that face?

Just another reminder that sometimes, when dogs get bored, mischief will happen.