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17 Genius Products Every Pet Owner Will Want

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Don't we all want our pets to have the very best of everything? Here are 17 crazy cool pet products that your pet might not need, but she'll definitely want.

The iFetch can give your dog lots of exercise and playtime while you're out of the house ... assuming she can figure it out. Buy it here and see it in action here.

You know when it's really cold and rainy outside and your dog really doesn't want to go outside? Now he can get all the exercise he needs without leaving the house (he can't, um, do his business on it though). This treadmill comes in different sizes for large and small dogs - but it's not cheap. Get it here.

Unleash your cat's inner DJ with this hip turntable, complete with sassy stickers and fake buttons that don't do anything. Get it here.

Because you should always have a water bowl handy for your pup. Get it here.

Because why shouldn't your dog have a nicer house than you do? Seriously. Get it here.

What better spot for your cat than directly under your chair, so she can comfortably attack your feet every time you move them? This cool hammock hangs between the legs of a chair or table. Get it here.

This super cute doggy umbrella/leash combo keeps your dog nice and dry when you're out for a walk in the rain. You'll definitely get soaked though. Get it here.

This cute little window lets shorter dogs safely sit in the yard and peek out at the street to their hearts' content. Get it here.

This is the perfect way to see what mischief your pet is getting up to while you're away. It also reminds her that you still exist even while you're not in the house. Because sometimes she forgets. Get it here.

Your cats already run your house, right? Why not turn the whole place into their jungle gym. These cool, fabric cat mazes let your cats lounge around on the walls instead of your couch and bed and laundry basket. Get it here.

This is basically a litter box for your dog - a little patch of grass that you can put anywhere in your house. It lasts for a week, and it comes in a cardboard box so you can throw it out! Get it here.

Hopefully you always know where your pet is, but just in case you need to find him quickly, this GPS tracker clips onto your dog or cat's collar and shows you his location on a smartphone. Get it here.

Technically this should be called a CATillac, right? This snazzy pink cat car will have your kitty riding in style ... and it's made of cardboard, so it's basically a box. And cats love boxes. Get it here.

This special dog door only opens for pets who have the matching electronic "key," so your neighbor's cat won't pop in for a surprise visit. Get it here.

Have you ever wished you could make all your dog's treats yourself? This is a pretty cool kit that comes equipped with everything you need to make homemade biscuits for your furry family members. Get it here.

Dogs are super smart, so there's no reason why your pup wouldn't be able to figure out this super simple water fountain - all she has to do is press the pedal whenever she's thirsty and she gets as much fresh water as she wants. Get it here.

These cool food and water bowls are built into your wall, and they fold away easily when it's not mealtime. Get them here.

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