Husband Los​es It After Wife Texts Him This Picture


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Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: Coyotes are not pets. They will never make good pets.

They might, however, make good imaginary pets.

Especially if you happen to have a deft hand with Photoshop, a gullible husband and a wicked sense of humor.

Apparently, Kayla Eby from Seaside, Oregon - at least judging by a post she shared on Facebook this week - is that person.

She sent this picture to her husband.

Facebook/Kayla Eby

Along with these words: "I found this cute little dog outside. He doesn't have tags or anything. What should I do?"

A moment later, she adds, "I'm going to bring him inside. Poor pup."

Fuse = LIT.

(And warning: The language gets intense.)

Facebook/Kayla Eby

From there the conversation veers from raving mad to complete spousal meltdown.

Facebook/Kayla Eby
Facebook/Kayla Eby

While it's impossible to know if maybe her husband was somehow in on the joke, his complete breakdown is thoroughly believable. Especially when he notes that Eby has a bit of a track record for bringing home animals.

"This is the craziest thing you've ever done," her husband raves on. "You're a freak. This is crazier than you bringing home those four ferrets that one time."

But Eby isn't finished with him yet.

Facebook/Kayla Eby
Facebook/Kayla Eby

With her husband in hysterics, Eby still won't end this joke.

Facebook/Kayla Eby

And finally, at the very doorstep to divorce court, Eby brings the curtain down on what might be the most hysterically twisted prank of all time.

Facebook/Kayla Eby

Well played. We think. Eby seems to have known exactly which of her husband's buttons to push - and which wires to cut to disarm the bomb that he had become.

We don't think you should try this at home.