Sick 'Dog' Found Hiding On Porch Isn't Really A Dog At All

Princess was so ill that, at first glance, no one could even tell what kind of animal she was.

Sharon Bertozzi, a homeowner in California, first saw Princess late last week, hiding behind a ceramic vase by the front door of her house. Princess remained there, cowering, for four hours.

"My heart just ached for her," Bertozzi wrote on Facebook - and so, she called for help. Officers with the City of Folsom Animal Services arrived on the scene to identify and pick up the animal.

"At first this was thought to be a old very sick dog," the department wrote on Facebook. "Upon taking a better look, it is really a young coyote with a really bad case of mange ... This one was taken because [she] was right by a front door to a house and was not wanting to leave."

The young coyote was given the name Princess by her rescuers and then transported to the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue (GCWR) in Loomis, California, for further treatment. In addition to her severe case of mange - a skin disease caused by mites that can lead to hair loss, intense itching and skin irritation - Princess was severely dehydrated.

"Upon arrival at Gold Country's Wildlife Intake Center, this young female coyote was given rehydration fluids and medications for sarcoptic mange and itching," Sallysue Stein, president of GCWR's board of directors, told The Dodo.

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

"She was bathed to help remove some of the dead skin and to make her feel more comfortable," Stein said. "The next morning we were pleased to see that she drank all of the water and special diet food we had left with her overnight. She started scratching less and eating more."

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

Princess is expected to stay in GCWR's care for a few months before she's completely better, and can be released back into the wild.

"She is now back on a natural diet, gaining weight and showing improvement in her skin," Stein said. "We feel confident that she is on the road to a full recovery."

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

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