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12 Cows Who Are Just As Smart As Your Cat Or Dog

<p><a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/clownhousethethird/2949148067">Flickr/Tobias Ackerboom (at hutmeelz)</a></p>

You've probably heard the phrase "dumb cow" before. Since most people don't live with cows, it's probably easy to imagine they're not as smart as all the animals we live with and love.

But, as these clips show, cows are just as capable of surprising us with their intelligence and emotional capabilities as cats or dogs - and they deserve to be treated just as well.

They know how to work water pumps ...

Youtube/Damale Chele

... and spigots.


They form interspecies friendships ...


... and can be quite affectionate.


They understand our poor attempts to communicate.

Youtube/Kelly Faulkner

If there's no one there to scratch them, they'll do it themselves.


They're skilled escape artists.


Seriously, they're really good at escaping.


They learn how to use farming equipment to their advantage.

Youtube/Lobat Ebas

They appreciate music.


They're phenomenal mothers.


And, finally, they can experience undeniable joy.

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