Nice Cows Adopt A Lonely Wild Boar Into Their Herd

Kindness may not be the first quality that comes to mind when thinking about the humble bovine - but maybe it should be.

A group of cows on a small farm in Germany have evidently seen fit to welcome an unlikely member into their midst. The animals' handler, Dirk Reese, says that about two months ago a lonely wild boar emerged from the surrounding countryside onto the pasture where he joined the ranks of his cattle. Reese has since named him Banana.

It is suspected that the boar, who was found to be a bit malnourished, had been rejected by his family. But fortunately, the cows have been quite accepting of the odd newcomer, who despite being different in size and species, seems more or less the same as them in spirit.

"He is fully integrated into the herd, which is fascinating," Reese told Deutschen Presse-Agentur.

Locals who might otherwise have an interest in hunting boars have reportedly followed the herd's lead: Reese says it's understood that Banana has a "special status."

While cows are often seen as mere commodities, derided as mindless creatures lacking in emotion or understanding, stories abound that challenge that negative stereotype. In fact, perhaps humans could stand to learn a thing or two from these animals about what it means to be kind - and have an open mind.