Cow Wants To Be A Dog Sooooo Bad

If you're going to pretend you're a dog, you might as well own it.

And this sturdy heifer certainly knows how to own a couch.

The queen of all cuddle-puddles was spotted on Reddit, curled up commandingly on some hapless human's couch.

"My cow thinks he's a dog ... We left the door open for 5 minutes," the caption reads.

While we don't know anything about the young animal's situation (dog trapped in a cow's body? enthralled by a Mad Men marathon on TV?), we do know one thing:

That's going to leave a mark.

And, of course, we know cows are endlessly charming. Even if they think they're dogs.

Surprisingly, it wouldn't be the first time a cow coveted a dog's life to the point of, "Whatever, I'm a dog now."

A video uploaded to YouTube last year chronicles another mystifying case of species identity reassignment.



In the clip, we're introduced to Milkshake, a cow whose best friends are dogs. In time, she refused to graze like the other cows and, according to the video, demanded her food be brought to her in a bowl.

Milkshake, the video goes on to explain, was rescued from an abusive situation.

"She hung out with dogs, so I think that's what she assumed - that's what she was, more than a cow," explains Beth DeCaprio of The Grace Foundation.

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