Terrified Cow Sheds Tears ... Until She Realizes Where She's Going

She is so loved now.

A mere glimpse into Emma's past is enough to break anyone's heart.

Footage shows her in chains on her way somewhere in a trailer. She's been raised for meat, and has never had a chance to live with a herd of her own.

YouTube/Denis Vila

Her eyes are wide and watery, as though she's crying, and there's no question that she's afraid - even neuroscientists have declared that animals have consciousness and emotions.

YouTube/Denis Vila

By an incredible stroke of luck, Emma was adopted by a sanctuary for beings like her.

When a family dairy farm faced bankruptcy, they decided to close. The last 25 cows of the herd faced a fate worse than poverty: slaughter.

But animal lovers were determined to save these lives. "We founded an association together with the farmer, whom we won over with the idea for our project," the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg sanctuary explains. "The association's goal is to create a sanctuary, so they may continue living in their familiar surroundings, under best animal welfare conditions, hopefully until the natural end of their lives."

YouTube/Denis Vila

Thanks to the sanctuary, Emma has been given one of the greatest gifts: belonging.

YouTube/Denis Vila

For the most marginalized beings on earth, the most powerful act of kindness is often the simplest: Live and let live.

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