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Fiercely Loyal Cow Protects Friend's Baby From Dairy Farmer

<p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnpIs5lY4VQ"><u>YouTube/Jiho Arellano</u></a><span></span></p>

Incredible footage shows just how far a cow will go for her friend.

When a dairy farmer begins carrying a newborn baby cow from her mother, a family friend becomes terrified.

Scared for the helpless calf, the cow pushes her friend's baby out of the farmer's arms.

Even after the calf has escaped, the loyal cow keeps charging to keep the farmer away.

The humans don't appear to be hurt. You can even hear laughter as the cow pushes the farmer away from the calf.

But we're not finding it very funny. Taking babies from their mothers just hours after birth is common practice in the dairy industry.

This video, which surfaced last year, shows a heartbreaking cycle that happens over and over again. Cows, like humans, need to have a child to produce milk. Just hours after giving birth, they are separated from their babies. Many mother cows become sick, stop eating and cry so much their throats become sore, while their babies are shipped off to other parts of the meat and dairy mega-industries. Some calves are killed for veal at just 18 to 24 weeks of age.

So it isn't that surprising these cows are defensive. With no one to defend them, even after just giving birth to a newborn, they start defending themselves.

And even lucky cows, who get to live out their lives in farm animal sanctuaries after getting rescued from the dairy industry, are scarred from experiences like this. Some mother cows hide their babies even from human beings who are trying to help them.

Love between a mother and a child is precious, no matter the species.