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Cow Goes Ahead And Gives Man A Full Grooming

<p> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=893585397346049&set=vb.150175245020405&type=2&theater" target="_blank">Facebook/Hof Butenland</a> </p>

The lucky rescued cows at Hof Butenland animal sanctuary in Germany have little to do but graze and enjoy their free lives in pastures.

But every now and then, something comes up that needs to be taken care of.

For instance, something simply needed to be done about the dusty jacket and messy hair of a man sitting in the pasture with the sweet cows.

Facebook/Hof Butenland

Many moments show the complexity of cows, caring and sensitive, and fiercely loyal to their friends.

These cows would have ended up in the slaughterhouse were it not for the hard work and dedication of Hof Butenland. Learn how you can help them rescue animals here.

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