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Couple Builds Giant Bed For The Best Possible Reason

<p> Robdogbird </p>

Anyone who sleeps in bed with their pets knows it can get pretty crowded at night. Reddit user Rob, or "Robdogbird" on Reddit, who shares a bed with his girlfriend and their seven pets, realized an ordinary mattress wasn't going to cut it - so he built a custom-made mega-bed.


Rob uploaded photos of their giant bed to Reddit last week - it measures 6.5 feet long and 11.5 feet wide. Perfect for two humans, two dogs and five cats.

Lola, Lexi, Kitty, Prince Caspian, Bear, Zoey and Isha have all enjoyed cuddling in the mega-bed with Rob and his girlfriend - but not usually all at once. "We had to bribe them with cat food for the picture," Rob told The Dodo.


They built the mega-bed earlier this summer. "We and the animals have loved it every day since," Rob said.

This is a pretty genius idea - maybe Rob and his girlfriend should start marketing the mega-bed to other families suffering from crowded bed syndrome due to their furry family members.