Rescuers Find Scared Corgi — And Hundreds More Trapped In Puppy Mill

Until recently, this corgi's home was a cruel and abusive puppy mill, which he shared with 294 other dogs.

This photo was taken during a puppy mill bust lead by the Arkansas division of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). He stared at the camera in his typically corgi way, with feet prepared for trotting and a face that always looks like a smile.

A look into his hopeful eyes can almost make you forget that he lived in what the HSUS called "deplorable living conditions," in a statement released Thursday. "Many of the animals were living in feces and filth and did not have access to clean water or food."

Below, a few dogs look longingly at the team of unfamiliar faces, their rescuers.

This one was spotted with his head poking through an opening, where a metal door had bent.

Thankfully, the nearly 300 dogs are now being housed in temporary care with plenty of food, water and medical treatment provided by the generosity of various donors and local businesses.

Of the "top ten puppy mill states," Arkansas is the only one without any regulations for commercial dog breeding, John Goodwin, the senior director of the puppy mills campaign at HSUS, told The Dodo. That's one reason the state is known as a "hotbed" for puppy mills, notorious for their harsh treatment of puppies and, especially, their mothers.

The owner of the mill has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty, and, if convicted, could be forced to pay a $1,000 fee in addition to serving up to a year in prison, according to Arkansas state law.

Many of the puppies were more than ready to leave.

But from here on out, they have a lot to look forward to.

This seizure was made possible by a tip from the HSUS puppy mill tip line. If you have information about dogs in a puppy mill, you could be the call that saves their life. The number is 1-877-MILL-TIP.

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