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Cops Mourn The Death Of Their Littlest Friend

Saying goodbye is never easy.

This week, officers from Nebraska's Omaha Police Department announced the untimely passing of a beloved squirrel who frequented their station's parking lot. Though the cops say her death remains a mystery, and that they are not investigating, they still took the time to cordon off the spot as if it were a little crime scene.

The friendly rodent had been so popular among those on the force that they even set up a Twitter account in her honor, under the handle @OpdSquirrel.

One officer even appears to have shed tears as he paid his last respects.

The squirrel's fans online were equally distraught by the news.

Of course, there's certainly a tinge of levity in all this deadpan somberness - but that's not to say the friendly squirrel whom they all came to know won't be truly missed.

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