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Horse Left To Starve Was Hiding The Sweetest Surprise

She was abandoned to the elements and left to starve.

But there may have been more at stake for Connie than her own life. Nursed back to health from the brink, she made a miracle recovery. Then she made another miracle.

As in Miracle, the name so aptly given to her daughter - a foal she gave birth to just months after being rescued.

It's hard to miss young Miracle in this video, prancing and preening in a field while Connie looks on. She will never know the suffering her mother endured, how she was found dehydrated, emaciated - scarcely more than skin and ribs.

Connie was at death's door when officers from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) stepped in.

"Despite her awful state she seemed fairly bright, but her eyes had a sadness to them," Kate Wright, the RSPCA officer who adopted Connie, told The Daily Mirror. "I wonder now if she was fearful that her unborn foal would be suffering.

"It seems I rescued two horses that day." England is seeing the number of abandoned horses surge, according to the RSPCA, with nearly 70,000 calls about the animals in the past three years. Among them, 1,900 were abandonments - a consequence, the organization says, of the increasing cost of keeping a horse.



Unable to afford the upkeep, some owners simply leave their animals to die. It's a tragic trend that's happening in the United States, too - in Houston, Texas, hundreds of horses have been dumped like trash on the side of the road.

Connie appears to be among the lucky ones, found early enough that she could be nursed back to health - and live, along with her daughter, on a farm owned by her rescuer. Foal's gold, indeed.

If you would like to make a donation to help horses in need, visit the RSPCA.