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Zach Affolter

Zach Affolter is a freshman at Humboldt State University, majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Wildlife and Scientific Diving. He has been a passionate animal advocate since his first year of high school and has earned recognition from local and national media for his efforts. Zach currently is a Youth Ambassador for Dolphin Project, a paid writer at For All The Animals and was on Peta2's Youth Advisory Board for the past year. Zach has accomplished much in the activist realm, from helping to organize the largest protest for a captive cetacean ever to petitioning his school board to seek more humane and educational alternatives instead of holding field trips at SeaWorld. He also volunteered with Earthrace, for which he also served as a youth advisory, and Pretoma a couple years ago in Costa Rica to protect sea turtle eggs from poachers. Zach also is a passionate writer/film producer and is currently working on two novels. One such book, "Breaking Through The Clouds," is about the captive orca Lolita held in an illegally sized tank at the Miami Seaquarium. He has written articles for local papers and well-established animal rights organizations, such as Dolphin Project. His efforts earned him PETA's Libby (for liberation) Award last year. Through his activism, writing, and video productions, Zach hopes to spread awareness about important issues, educate people about how beautiful nature is, and why it needs to be protected.

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