Stewart Cook


Stewart Cook is an international photo journalist and aerial camera photographer who has worked with IFAW since 1998. His breadth of work with IFAW campaigns has included photographing whales in their natural breeding grounds, documenting spay and neuter clinics across North America, grizzly bear rehabilitation release into the wild and wolf rescues in Alaska. In 2001 Stewart joined IFAW's seal campaign documenting the seal hunt on the ice and from the air. For eleven years his dramatic images helped change opinions towards the hunt including a European ban on import of seal products. As one of IFAW's first responders sent into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina he helped document the tragedy and also some of the miracles both animal and human. Originally from England Stewart now lives in Southern California with his wife Jenni and their 3 children. They have a soft spot for old dogs in need of a home and currently have two old labs, a rescued cat and new to the heard is a 3 week old rescued kitten called Bear.