Sheryl Fink


As IFAW’s Director of Wildlife Campaigns in Canada, Sheryl’s primary focus is ending the commercial seal hunt in Canada. Sheryl also works on other animal welfare issues affecting wildlife within the country. She has been active in campaigns to educate the public on the threats facing Canada’s polar bears, the live capture of marine mammals for captivity, the exotic pet trade and commercial exploitation of animals and ecological sustainability. Sheryl has observed the commercial seal hunt in Canada for 11 years, documenting the hunt from the air and on the ice, to provide ongoing evidence of its cruelty and wastefulness. Her campaign work to end the hunt has included, appearing on national television, leading public demonstrations, and providing testimony before politicians in Canada, the European Union and Namibia. Sheryl is frequent lecturer on seal hunting at conferences, drawing upon her experience with IFAW and her background as a biologist having worked in the field with harp, hooded and grey seals. She is also a regular invited speaker at public events to raise awareness of the cruelty inherent in the commercial seal hunt.