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Sherry Burnett

Sherry Burnett and her partner Robert Emigh co-founded Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary in Ontario Canada.Their desire to help pigs started with one tiny rescued pig named Ruby. In reaching out to other pet pig owners that they had met in online interest groups, they soon discovered there was a great need for a safe place for pigs to go. People began reaching out to them, asking them to take their pet pig who grew far larger than they expected, or who they couldn't keep due to existing by-laws, or due to conflict with other family members, including pets. By the time their rescued pig count reached six pigs, including two that were boarded at a farm, Bob and Sherry decided it was time to sell their comfortable home in the suburbs and buy a farm. Ruby Ranch, named after their first pig Ruby, became a reality in January 2008. Ruby Ranch is now home to 23 pigs, both potbellies and former commercial farm pigs, 2 sheep, 5 chickens, 2 cats and 2 dogs. Through social media networking and farm visits, Sherry and Bob educate potential pig parents of the realities of having a pig as a pet. They try to dispel the myths of the teeny-tiny teacup or micro-mini pigs that are perpetuated by many unscrupulous breeders. Sherry and Bob follow and advocate for a vegan lifestyle, and believe that pigs, cows, chickens and other animals traditionally thought of as food are just as worthy of our love and respect as cats and dogs and other traditional pets.

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