Kathy Hart


Executive Director/Co-founder of HartSong Ranch Animal Sanctuary - a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization - located in Greenwood, California. HartSong Ranch is a magical place for senior/special needs horses and farm animals. Some of our sanctuary residents are blind. All require some kind of specialized care. Our mission is to provide a landscape of quiet and tranquility for the animals that live within our gates – a sanctuary where they can enjoy nature, peace of mind and suffer no more. Each sanctuary resident is an ambassador for all animals that tragically spend their lives in cruel confinement on factory farms, race tracks and breeding facilities. HartSong Ranch celebrates the vivid emotions of “farmed” animals and strives to enlighten the public about these fascinating beings through sanctuary tours and rescue efforts focusing on kindness to animals and compassionate lifestyle choices, based on our belief that…every life matters. HartSong’s UnderDOG Railroad. Our mission: Rescue – Rehab – Re-home. The weak, weary, terrified, shy, deaf, blind, timid, discarded, bruised, battered and abandoned -those that are never allowed onto the adoption floor – those that everyone else passed by -we see their inner light…these are the dogs of HartSong. My husband and I are both musicians - thus, the word "song" in HartSong. www.hartsong.org facebook - HartSong Ranch Animal Sanctuary