Grace Ge Gabriel


Grace has been the driving force behind IFAW China from its inception, nurturing protection for both domestic animals and wildlife in a country where policies regarding conservation and animal welfare were lacking. Projects initiated by Grace include establishing the first raptor rescue center in China, initiating anti-poaching operations to protect the Tibetan antelope and participating in the development of China’s first Animal Welfare Law. IFAW China has developed outreach and education programs to improve regulations and conditions for domestic animals and works closely with local animal rescue groups. Grace was instrumental in linking wildlife protection with development in rural Yunnan province in China where the remaining Asian elephants roam. IFAW’s project helps to alleviate human-elephant conflicts, raise conservation awareness and motivate local communities to live in harmony with wildlife. The project was featured in the Animal Planet documentary “China’s Last Elephant”. Grace is a strong voice in the fight to reduce the devastating impact wildlife trade has on tigers, elephants, bears and many other endangered species. She has testified before the European Union Commission on protecting wild tigers and was invited to speak at the INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group meeting regarding controlling global online trade in wildlife and wildlife products. Grace has also testified on the escalating global wildlife crime before the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee. Because of her work as a champion of wildlife, Grace was featured in Julie Scardina and Jeffrey Flocken’s book, Wildlife Heroes, 40 Leading Conservationists and the Animals they are Committed to Saving (page 208). As native of China, who respects the cultural heritage and health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Grace has been in the forefront of promoting TCM alternatives to the use of endangered species, a view supported by legitimate TCM practitioners in China and around the world. To that end, Grace has overseen IFAW’s global campaign to reduce the use of endangered species in traditional medicine.