Hi, I'm Dayna. I am the mother of four beautiful children, The proud foster parent of 3 animals, and the proud owner another 3. I work in a animal shelter in a small town called Panhandle, in Texas. I originally moved to Texas, from Auckland City in New Zealand. I have lived her for 8 years now and still suffer a bit of culture shock every now and then. I joined this blog because I want to make a difference with my writing. I love to write and I love to voice my opinion of the care and treatment of animals. I raise my children to have passion towards all living creatures and I have had nothing less in my whole life of living. I am a shelter tech at the moment but I am soon hoping for my animal control license to further my future with these animals. I thought this would be a great way to speak up for what I believe in and have a chance to get a bigger audience for my writing. I am passionate about what I do and every day of my life, I will do my best at saving their lives.