11 Cats Who Are Getting Comfy In Bizarre Positions

1. Many cats can expand to become armrests at a moment's notice.

(Reddit: Nelsonsbeard)

2. Contrary to popular opinion, many cats have no bones.

(Reddit: snarky_cat)

3. An "infinity cat" goes on forever, in a continuous loop.

(Reddit: Frost640)

4. Cats will occasionally flatten themselves to become inanimate objects.

(Reddit: Staineddutch)

5. Cats do not need yoga lessons - they ARE yoga.

(Reddit: Getme2whoppers)

6. Cats do excellent doughnut impressions.

(Reddit: UltraPulse)

7. Cats fold into themselves to become travel-sized.

(Reddit: polydactylkitty)

8. If you look closely at your drapes, you'll realize they are actually just a cat, hanging there.

(Reddit: meow-cat)

9. Cats communicate by forming letters of the alphabet with their bodies.

(Reddit: Megan_Bee)

10. Cats invented "planking."

(Reddit: Peterleclark)

11. In short, cats will always become bendy, contorting little fur slugs - simply because they CAN.

(Reddit: flutterkitty)