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Colors in Nature - Green ~ part 1

One of the things that makes nature so magnificent, so nice to look at, so constantly changing, is color. Every color of the visible spectrum is represented in nature as well as some that are outside of the range of human vision. This is the first of a nine part series that will explore the natural colors of our world. I have chosen some of my favorite photos that represent each of nine different colors that will be shared as a collection. Individually some photos may contain other colors but I feel they still fit within each color scheme, it is very tough to create a photo that contains only one color. It was somewhat challenging and very rewarding to put together these collections of photos and I hope you enjoy a small view into the natural world, one color at a time. Green seemed like a fitting start. It is commonly associated with nature and can be viewed as a sign of life. In parts of the world that experience four seasons green is the color of spring, when the earth begins to come alive again. Grasses and leaves all turn a bright green color as new growth begins. In looking through my collection of photos I noticed that most of the green I capture comes from plants. Whether it be the main part of the photo, or more often a background element I do not have many animals that show green. You will see only two animals below with green, a humming bird and an insect, but plants create most of the green in this collection. Because of the abundance of plants on our planet, green was one of the most common colors in my photo catalog. I hope you enjoy my take on the color green in nature and please come back for the next part in the series where I will explore blue, the other most common color in my nature photo catalog.