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Today didn't start out all that great. Woke up, fiddled with coffee maker, didn't turn out well. Just another thing on my list to replace. Fridge leaked all over kitchen floor ... again, so out came the mop, Finally got coffee, oh hell, out of creamer! Made bed, big lump in middle of bed turned out to be Gracie Sue, a totally liberated chihuahua girl who pays NO ATTENTION to anything but food-oh hell, also out of dog food. Eddie the Grump, my huge chihuahua following me everywhere, wanting food, pets, attention, whatever. Cleaned already clean house, WANTED COFFEE! Then ... a phone call, good news, HAPPY NEWS - MONEY ON THE WAY! It is now 2:04am, bed made, house clean, dogs walked, money in bank and yet ... still NO COFFEE! Damn, I just KNEW I forgot something. Night all.