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Family Turns Closet Into A Bedroom For Their Dog

You might say that Mia has is good.

(And you wouldn't be wrong.)

When it comes time for the precious little pup to relax, she doesn't just pick any old place around the house to do her lazing - she has a dedicated doggy bedroom that's all her own.

Smaller dogs like Mia often prefer lounging about a snug sort of space to feel cozy and secure. But rather than simply supply her with a crate, like some dog owner's do, Mia's owner, Van, decided to convert a closet space in the house into a colorful Mia-sized nook.

"I wanted her room to look like a nursery but small enough to make her feel comfortable. I removed the hinges off the closet underneath the stairs and hand painted the chevron print on the back wall. Then I painted the wooden letters to match her pink bed. She also has a closet in the room for her clothes and a basket full of toys."

It might seem like a lot of work to create a special space just for a furry family member, but this little pup more than approves of her pretty pink-themed digs:

"Mia loves her room!" said Van. "Every morning before I leave for work, I open the bag of treats and say 'go to your room' and she runs in her room and waits patiently for her treat. She sleeps in her room until I come home from work. I'm very happy that she loves the room as much as I do."

Mia even gets her very own cleaning service, too.

In the end, says Van, giving a dog her own bedroom is the least a pet owner can do:

"We should spoil them with love as they return the favor with bringing us so much joy and happiness."

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