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Box-Obsessed Cat Discovers His New Favorite Game

It's his "chariot" 😂

Tazo only joined his family a few months ago, and even though they’re still learning some things about him, it didn’t take them long to discover what his favorite things are. 

“He loves boxes,” Kristina Jeon, Tazo’s mom, told The Dodo. “And plastic bags. His favorite days of the week are grocery days and any day that packages arrive.” 

cat rides roomba
Kristina Jeon

Any time there’s an empty box lying around, Tazo immediately runs over and claims it for himself. He could spend all day just sitting in a box, and one day he looked so content hanging out in his new box that his mom wondered what would happen if she picked it up and started escorting him around in it. 

“He looked so comfy that I started carrying him in the box, kind of like a chariot, and he seemed to really enjoy the view from above,” Jeon said. 

As Tazo was being carried around, his parents remembered that their Roomba vacuum was running — and they suddenly had the best idea. 

They decided to try putting the box on top of the Roomba, and Tazo immediately fell in love with the new ride his parents had created for him. 

“We didn't expect that he would stay in the box so pleasantly, despite all the spinning,” Jeon said. 

Eventually, they had to take Tazo and his box off the Roomba so they could let it continue to clean the house — but Tazo wouldn’t stop following it from room to room, hoping to get a fun ride again. 

Now, whenever Tazo sits in one of his boxes, he starts meowing loudly, hoping his parents will take the hint and let him ride around on the Roomba once again. 

“This can become a nice playtime for him in the future,” Jeon said. 

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