Woman Stops Her Car To Help Dog Who Dropped His Stuffed Pig

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Claire Cummings was on her way to a friend’s house when she suddenly noticed a stuffed pig lying on the sidewalk. Thinking it was unusual, she peered in her rearview mirror to get another look as she drove on — and realized there was a dog leaning over a wall, desperately trying to get his stuffed pig back. 

Somehow, the dog had dropped his toy over the wall, and there was no telling how long he had been waiting there, hoping someone would come along and help him. 

“He could have easily jumped over the wall he was leaning on to get it but has obviously been trained very well not to jump over the wall,” Cummings told The Dodo. 

dog drops toy
Claire Cummings

Cummings owns a dog walking company with her partner and has always had a soft spot for animals, so when she realized what was happening, she immediately knew what she had to do. 

She turned the car around, pulled over and approached the perplexed dog to help him get his beloved toy back. 

“We are huge animal lovers and would have hated to have thought that he could be sitting there waiting and nobody would help,” Cummings said. 

dog drops toy
Claire Cummings

As soon as the dog had the toy safely back in his possession, he was thrilled and happily accepted some attention and pats as thanks. He watched his new friend return to her car, and as she drove away she peered back and noticed he was gone.

He’d gotten his toy and happily gone back inside, and Cummings was thrilled that she was able to help make the sweet dog’s day better.