Woman's Phone Accidentally Texts Out What She Says To Her Dog

"I love you I love you I love you."

Sending a text is usually pretty easy. But, last week, one woman learned that multitasking while texting — especially when a dog is involved — can lead to some embarrassing results.

Ashlee Bradford was hanging out in her bedroom, responding to a text from her friend, when her 12-year-old dog Brucey waltzed in the door. Though Brucey is almost entirely blind and deaf, he knows exactly what to do to get his mom’s attention.

"He hates closed doors and never wants to miss out on anything,” Bradford told The Dodo. 

Brucey the dog begging his mom for pets
Ashlee Bradford

Unable to resist giving her pup some love, Bradford put her phone in her lap and leaned over to pick up her dog.

After a quick snuggle session, Bradford turned back to her phone. However, when she looked at it, she noticed that the text she sent was far longer than her intended response. Somehow, she had activated the voice-to-text feature when she put her phone down — and it picked up her entire one-sided conversation with her dog. 

“I immediately realized it was a lot longer than what I had typed and saw it recorded me talking to him,” Bradford said.

Ashlee Bradford accidentally sends a text of her speaking to her dog
Ashlee Bradford

The hilarious message read: “I’m usually the opposite and have great days Who is who is your good boy good boy he is a newborn or you so handsome you’re handsome baby yet you like that if you go into sweet IPC I Brucie Brucie hi I love you I love you I love you boo who is we who we who is a sweet boy sweet Bolognese."

Luckily, Bradford checked her phone in time to clear up the misunderstanding with her friend: “I responded almost immediately that I had messed up,” Bradford said, “She didn’t know what was going on at all. She just randomly got a weird text.”

As it turned out, her friend is a dog owner too, and found the whole situation pretty entertaining:

Ashlee Bradford

Bradford snapped a screenshot of the awkward exchange and posted it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, making dog owners around the world say: "It me." 

Meanwhile, Brucey gained hundreds of fans and a new nickname: Sweet Bolognese.

"The sweet bologna must have been an autocorrect because I don’t call him that," Bradford said. "The only thing I can think of is that I was calling him sweet baby or something like that and it autocorrects to that because I was talking in the high pitched voice I use when I talk to dogs."

While Bradford was able to laugh off the exchange, she knows to keep her phone as far away as possible next time sweet Brucey demands a belly rub.

To learn more about Brucey, you can follow his adventures on Instagram.