Photographer Gets A Little Distracted When She Spots A Dog

"I said, ‘I'm sorry, I gotta!’”

One afternoon in Cobus Green County Park in Osceola, Indiana, Ashley Carson and her family decided the park was the perfect place for a photo shoot. Carson’s brother and sister-in-law asked if she would snap a few photos of them, and she agreed and found a perfect spot for them to pose. 

The group was about 10 minutes into the photo shoot when suddenly, Carson spotted someone incredibly important. 

A huge, fluffy dog, wandering around in the background of the photo shoot. 

woman spots dog
Ashley Carson

Even though she was in the middle of taking pictures of the happy couple, Carson knew she just couldn’t pass up this opportunity — and quickly shifted her focus to the fluffy subject in the background. 

“I let out a shriek and then slowly backed up and then turned to the dog and his owner,” Carson told The Dodo. “When my sister-in-law Alicia asked I said, ‘I'm sorry, I gotta!’” 

woman spots dog
Ashley Carson

Luckily, the couple totally understood the importance of capturing a few shots of the dog, and patiently waited while Carson did her thing. After getting a few photos, the dog eventually wandered past the group, and Carson was able to get in a quick hello before he went on his way.

“I got some quick pets in but he was on the move and pretty much tugging [his mom] past,” Carson said.

When he was gone, Carson couldn’t help but gush over the cute dog and how happy she was that she’d gotten some photos of him — and hopefully, after seeing the photos, the couple agrees that the ones with the dog in them are definitely the best ones.