Woman Comes Up With Genius Way To Cut Dog's Nails Without Drama

It works like a charm 🐶💅

Lindsey Shelton has had a lot of time on her hands lately, but she’s put it to good use coming up with a DIY hack all dog owners need. 

While sheltering at home in California with her husband and two rescue dogs, Schmidt and Murphy, she realized it was time to do something most dog owners dread — give her pups a nail trim.

“Schmidt has always been slightly easier to handle,” Shelton told The Dodo. “Usually, it takes me and my husband wrestling him like a crocodile." Murphy, however, needs more professional intervention to get his nails clipped.

Lindsey Shelton walks her dogs Schmidt and Murphy
Lindsey Shelton

With no groomer or vet to come to her rescue, she decided to get creative. Her dogs both love peanut butter, making it the perfect distraction. But how could she give it to them while using both her hands to clip their nails?

In a moment of inspiration, Shelton wrapped her hair and forehead in saran wrap and smeared xylitol-free peanut butter all over it. Her husband seemed unimpressed, calling her a “dork.” But Shelton knew she was onto something.

Woman comes up with dog nail trim hack
Lindsey Shelton

Her dogs smelled the peanut butter right away and hurried over to see what Mom was up to. Shelton positioned Schmidt in front of her and, at first, the pup couldn’t figure out where the peanut butter smell was coming from. But as soon as she tipped Schmidt’s head up to her forehead, he started to happily lick away.

She coaxed him with calming words and soon all the nails on his front paw were trimmed. “I knew [Schmidt] would love this trick even before trying it because he’s such a foodie!” Shelton said.

Woman cuts dogs nails with peanut butter on her head
Lindsey Shelton

Both dogs enjoyed the peanut butter at first, but Murphy seemed less impressed with the setup.

“With Schmidt, it worked wonderfully!” Shelton said. “With Murphy, not so much. I got about three nails clipped on Murphy and all of Schmidt’s done.”

You can check out the video of Shelton's nail trimming hack here:

Shelton considers the experiment a huge success and posted the video to TikTok, where it has since racked up over 480,000 likes.

Shelton believes her genius hack could be a product in the making. And for many dog owners, it might just be the perfect way to keep their pups happy and healthy — even if it does look a little silly.